Zither strings of the "Lenzner" brand

The production of zither strings has been a major focus of our company from the very beginning. On the basis of close cooperation with well-known zither makers and the involvement of outstanding zither players, we can offer a range that meets all requirements and wishes. For example, we have succeeded in producing the free strings for all zither strings, including the quint zither, with metal winding. We attach great importance to the quality of our fingerboard strings. They are well-balanced, fretless and sonorous even in the higher registers. We have experienced specialists who know what is important, because the reasons for the quality of our products also lie in the details. Precise workmanship, the use of only the best materials and strict quality controls guarantee the consistently good quality of our music strings. Our theortical and practical knowledge, as well as many years of experience, also make it possible to fulfil individual customer wishes within the shortest possible time.

We offer our treble zither strings in 3 different lengths:

  1. Concert zither length: for fingerboard scale 41.5 cm
  2. Harp zither length: for fingerboard scale 43.5 cm (also suitable for concert zither, extended and air resonance zither).
  3. Psalter zither length: for fingerboard scale 45.5 cm

When ordering strings with concert zither length, please put a "K" in front of the corresponding

Order number: (e.g. 1 set for 32-string concert zither SOLOKLANG = K5500/32) and for strings with psaltery length the addition "Psalterzither".
Otherwise we usually deliver in harp zither length.

If no special tuning is specified, delivery will be made in Munich tuning.
On request, you can also receive the strings in Viennese tuning according to the following scheme for the same price:

Handle 1: a, d, g, G, C Accompaniment: with additional as0; g5 and f#10 high
Ba: Eb13; F15; D18; E20 and C#23 low Contra: starting with C30

We offer our zither strings in 3 different brands:

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