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The history of music string making in the Markneukirchen area goes back more than 200 years. The company's origins can be traced back to the year 1900 when Gustav Lenzner set up a string winding works in order to meet the growing demand for wound strings at the time. Strings have been manufactured in the same buildings at Schulstrasse 18 in Erlbach without any interruption since the company was founded. It is true to say that the company was nationalised in East German days, but it was established new as early as 1991 directly after the fall of the Berlin Wall and operates under the new company name "Lenzner Saitenmanufaktur Reinhard Renz e.K." since 2005. At the Lenzner Saitenmanufaktur company, specialist workers, some of them with more than 30 years' professional experience, hand-craft nothing but quality strings able to meet very high demands. The company has the latest string winding equipment and can provide products for any application by using special materials, some of which are unusual when making strings. The company's strengths lie in the decades of experience in working out what is necessary for strings by not only using physical principles, but also the traditional, subjective experience gained over many years. This means that the firm is always able to provide strings with the best tone and technical properties, even if this often seems complicated as a result of the unhelpful features on the instrument. The circle of customers interested in special products has grown over many years and they mainly purchase strings for historical stringed and plucked instruments, lyres, kanteles, harps and zithers, musical therapy equipment and other special instruments. The company can also easily supply strings for instruments in far-off countries, such as aouds, sazes, Cretian lyres, zimbalons, bouzoukis, Celtic harps, balalaikas, domras and many others. The "Lenzner SOLOKLANG" brand has an extremely good reputation in specialist circles for zither and gut strings and the "Lenzner SUPERSOLO" brand for double basses. Strings sold under the renowned "FISOMA" brand name guarantee quality and reliability for standard strings suitable for all stringed and plucked instruments.

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