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The "Lenzner" brand
Our company attracted a great deal of attention for manufacturing zither strings right from the start. Because we work closely with well-known makers and involve outstanding zither players, we are able to provide a range of goods to meet any requirements and wishes. In this way we have managed to make the free strings for all zither applications, even the quintzither, with metal wound round the basic material. We attach a great deal of importance to the quality of our fingerboard strings. They are balanced in texture, provide the right sound at the fret and are melodious, even in the high registers. We have experienced experts who know what needs doing, as the quality of our products is based on detailed work. Exact workmanship, using only the very best materials and stringent quality checks guarantee consistently good quality for our music strings. Our theoretical expertise and many years of experience also enable us to meet individual customer requests within a very short time.

We can supply our soprano zither strings in 3 different lengths:
1. Concert zither length:
2. Harp zither length:

3. Psaltery zither length:

1. Concert zither: for fingerboards measuring 41,5 cm
2. Harp zither

for fingerboards measuring 43,5 cm

(also suitable for concert zithers, extended and air resonance zithers)

3. Psaltery zither: for fingerboards measuring 45,5 cm

If no particular tuning details are mentioned, the goods will be supplied with "munich tuning".

If required, you can also obtain the strings with "viennese tuning" according to the following scheme for the same price:

Griff: a, d, g, G, C

Begleit: with additionally as0; g5 and fis10 high

Bass: Es13; F15; D18; E20 and Cis23 low

Kontra: beginning with C30

We supply our zither strings using 3 different brand names:
"Lenzner" Zither Strings
- Fisoma Nylon -

They have a core made of pure nylon silk. They produce a very soft, silky tone and allow people to play in an individual style with plenty of nuances. So they are ideally suitable for music-making at home. If necessary, we can also supply the 5 high accompanying strings as gut strings.

concert zither

set No.K5100
harp zither
set No. 5100
also with "viennese tuning"


"Lenzner" Zither Strings
- Soloklang -

They also have a core made of pure nylon silk. But they do produce a strong, full sound, and allow performers to play dynamically and very loudly if necessary. But the material used still makes it easy to play the instrument.

concert zither

set No.K5500
harp zither
set No. 5500
alt zither
set No. 5600
bass zither set No. 5700
quint zither set No. 5800
psaltery- and prim zither
also with "viennese tuning"

"Lenzner" Zither Strings
- Nylon with a steel core-

They are mainly conceived for people playing with an electro-magnetic sound pick-up. The core is made of steel wiring, which is surrounded with nylon silk according to a special principle. This design allows these strings to produce sounds like pure nylon strings although they have steel wire inserts.

concert zither

set No.K5000
harp zither set No. 5000
also with "viennese tuning"

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